About Us

VJR is a Trademark Clothing brand, established in JAIPUR, Rajasthan. VJR is currently dealing in Mens & Kids shirts. VJR is a customer centric brand. We know the pain of the customer, That's why we are focusing on the customer's feelings & comfort first. Our USP is our Prints.

VJR is defined by a modern and laid-back design, expressed in a glamorous way. A big mixture of fabrics such as procion print, cabric cotton, Shibori Prints, Katha Work, Flax cotton with handmade prints creates a  sophisticated and yet a traditional look.
The clothes capture the essence of the customer and are timeless, regardless of the latest trends.
Finding the balances between modern and classic, unstructured  and tailored, the label specializes in exclusive clothing focusing  on soft fluid lines with contemporary details which makes it ideal  for the modern man of all sizes.


To create clothes that can be worn during the day as well as in the evening. Just adding an accessory immediately a more glamorous and luxury look is obtained.
Fashion is timeless and a form of art and expression of inner values and style.
Their client is a confident and stylish man who appreciates uniqueness over fashion.


Our cloths are adapted to the wearer not  the way around and this is a principle for us. The man bring out the style of our clothes.
  1. Elegant and clear style
  2. Quality product
  3. Fair pricing


Our vision is to redefine men's fashion by offering timeless and sophisticated clothing that reflects the modern man's confidence, individuality, and refined taste. We aim to be the go-to brand for men seeking premium quality garments that seamlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary trends.
Our brand's vision is to become a trusted companion on every man's journey towards self-assurance, personal success, and sartorial excellence.


Quality Control:-

During the entire production  process, an internal quality control  system is applied to ensure that the  final end products that reach our  customer are according to our  guidelines. They test wash ability,  feel, color-fastness and shrinkage  resistance.

Selling Rights:-

All selling rights reserved to Divya Enterprises : GSTN:- 08AIHPG8458P1ZG